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We paid 50% deposit for 6 windows & a front door from Supaglazing and everything had faults, from windows being too small to misaligned frames and inconsistent trim used to glue over the frames. Supaglazing left screws over our drive and grass, which could have damaged our cars and caused injury.

We still can’t understand how it only took 4 hours to fit the 6 windows, even with the poor workmanship. We had to replace the windows and door from a different supplier, at our own cost, as FENSA agreed the windows were not fit for purpose. Suaglazing blamed my wife for not checking measurements, accused us of lying, trying to con them and that we had no intension of paying, even after paying 50% upfront. Supaglazing’s owner was extremely rude, aggressive and threatened to come and take the windows out, which caused a lot of destress, as I was working away from home.

A few members of staff seemed to be trying to resolve the issue, but the owner of Superglazing could only be described as totally uncooperative and in denial of any problems. After taking Supaglazing to court, which took 2 ½ years and several court appearances we got our money back with a High Court Writ.

No one should ever have to put up with kind of service and inconvenience. No doubt Supaglazing will again say this is all lies!!

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Typical SupaGlazing response - complete denial, arrogance and stupidity in their text.

In summary - do not use, not only are they dreadful, but their director and company secretary (can be found via a companies house search) is extremely rude.

They love to call people liars and threaten legal action, but have no leg to stand on.


Statement from the Technical & Certification Manager, FENSA; it says

"I have contacted Mr Edwards to highlight our concern in him using FENSA in his current review. I have asked him to remove our name from this extract as I can confirm we had no input into this."


FENSA do not comment and were not involved in this instance, therefore Mr Edwards is Lying.

We have informed FENSA of this comment and they asked for his contact details, so they can speak with him and put him right, as he is not telling the truth.

Also he is attacking “an owner”, Supaglazing is a limited company with a board of directors and not owners.

Limited companies do not have owners they have directors.

Therefore, he is not right again and trying to attack an owner when there is not one.

Perhaps Mr Edwards should get his facts right before he writes slanderous reviews.

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